Here Are 5 Best Sites to Sell Jewelry Online

In this era, millions of customers purchase jewelry online. They love looking unique and smart. They, therefore, search for the unique jewelry that will make them stand out. Thus, if you sell watches, rings, chains, and bungles, you need to consider selling them online. Online businesses can significantly increase your revenue. Unlike for the physical store where you will sell to the local only, selling jewelry online will offer you an opportunity to sell to both local and global customers. With this, you will have a massive number of customers to purchase your products. You can create a professional online store to market your jewelry. Also, you can go beyond the store and list them on large marketplaces. Here are 5 best marketplaces that will help you to sell your jewelry quickly:


1stdibs is a leading marketplace that will help you sell jewelry online quickly. It has a massive number of customers. Hence, listing your jewelry here is of great benefit as you will get potential buyers with ease. This website offers better services to its customers and makes them to keep on coming back to make purchases. Also, it has reliable customer support. It will attend to your customers at any time when they need help.



Selling jewelry to global customers can help you increase sales and profits. Etsy is a global marketplace that will help you engage with global customers. It has a unique quick search that will allow customers to filter jewelry based on keywords. The good thing about this website is that it cares for the starters. It offers an easy to use user-friendly interface. You will only sign up, choose a unique keyword, and upload a high-quality photo and a catchy product description. Also, it does not charge the monthly fee. You will pay a little amount of listing fee, and your jewelry can stay in the store until it gets a buyer.


eBay is another large site that has huge traffic. It will sell your products worldwide. Although it has a higher listing fee as compared to Etsy, eBay will assure you to get potential buyers quickly. It has better marketing tools. The SEO will improve ranking on search engines. Also, it will market your products on social media.eBay will allow you to list up to 50 jewelry with no listing fee.


Do you have budgetary constraints? If yes, you need to give Bonanza a priority. It does not charge the listing and monthly fee. However, if a potential buyer finds your jewelry, you will pay a commission fee. Also, you will pay for the marketing fee to enable those customers who use Google and Yahoo to search for quality jewelry, find you easily. At times, you may feel that a particular marketplace is not working well for you. Bonanza will allow you to transfer the jewelry from eBay and Etsy.


Another marketplace that cares for newbies is the Zibbet. It is easy to list your jewelry and find a potential buyer. Also, it will help you to sync your jewelry from various sales channels and marketplaces for exposure. This marketplace can help you sell jewelry online and increase profits. It will allow you to list50 jewelry. However, if you upgrade to a pro plan, you can list unlimited jewelry.

Final thoughts

Marketplaces can help you market your jewelry and find a potential buyer. However, not all will help you with this, some have few numbers of customers, and your jewelry can stay for an extended period without finding a potential buyer. Also, some lack the marketing tools. Now, if after reading this article you are not so convinced on using these 5 sites to sell jewelry online, then we recommend you to check one last site called Shopify, it will allow you to boost your sales and sell your jewelry online in an easy and smoothly way, for more information, click here.

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